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Single Origin Collection

Guatemala West Harrar Yirgacheffe
Single Origin Strength

A coffee sourced from 1 single location or producer. Predominantly a black coffee drinkers delite. The ultimate statement maker with the flavour and body of a coffee on display.

8/10 8.5/10

We judge it by the sharpness it brings to the cup, this is controlled by the roasting process and the amount of natural sugars that are either cooked or not cooked. When you take the first sip of an espresso, we can compare it to something like a green apple vs a red. Both have some acidity but one is a lot more prominent than another.

4/10 3/10

The green coffee beans are graded and sorted by their imperfections and defects from a random sample (around 300-500g). Broken, cracked, and colour tone are just a small portion of how they can be scored. Each coffee growing country or association has their required standards to meet. The end outcome can determine what a farmer may sell his crop for, the better the grade the higher the price.

SHB Grade 1

How the coffee cherries were processed from being picked to their final form as green beans. Most common is wet processing where the coffee is washed with large amounts of water to seperate the skins and pulp from the beans. The traditional method also known as “natural or sun-dried” is where the coffee cherries are left to dry up and shrivel in the sun much like a date, then passed through a machine to separate the skin and beans for grading.

Fully Washed Natural

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