A coffee flavour 550 million years in the making

The best things in life take time and if you’re looking for a better tasting coffee, you need to try SL28.  SL28 is one of the world’s best coffees because of its refined acidity and blackcurrant taste.  No other coffee delivers this unique combination. This is the world’s first super coffee hybrid growing in ancient bedrock created by the formation of the supercontinent Gondwana 550 million years ago.

SL stands for Scott Laboratories in Kenya.  When we visited, we were blown away to learn that the SL28 was created specifically for its exceptionally deep root structure of 30 + meters.  It means that the plant is able to reach the deep water tables of the East African plains and extract the minerals of the long forgotten supercontinent. 

If you’re looking for that something extra in your coffee, take a sip back in time and try the Blackcurrant Espresso.

Flavour Notes: Blackcurrant, Acai, Forest Fruits

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shippingFree Postage Australia Wide. Orders up to 5kg – Upgrade to express $5

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